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If you are trying to go paperless and you are wondering what format would it be best to scan in, it’s advisable to clearly determine first the purpose of documents received. In case, you scan to PDF(, you will probably not be able to view docs on the web page. Instead it is needed to open a new tab or window to view the document. For this reason, it’s better to scan your files into images so then you can see the file on the web without opening a new window. JPG extension provides excellent quality with minimal file size. However, PDF can bundle several images together into one package. You can demonstrate the document, that contains all the needed visual content. It’s much more useful, then manipulating different files simultaneously. PDF is well known for its features. Such documents are interactive and always look the same. It doesn’t matter whether you work with Mac OS, Windows or Linux. You can manage your documents from your computer or even on-the-go.


How to perform online JPG to PDF conversion?


We offer you a new powerful tool to eliminate hassles and unnecessary actions. Convert your JPG file to PDFs. It’s easy like shooting fish in a barrel. Just upload your JPG files and transform then into PDF in seconds. Using online service is more convenient than installing software and save your time. Such an application doesn’t consume storage space on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. All the tools exist in cloud storage and you can use them any time you want. Browse the needed images or use simple drag and drop function. In case, you change your mind, easily delete files from the cloud storage. Then click the Convert button and wait few seconds. Once the process is over, download the final versions of the documents to your computer or any other internet connected device. Make conversion online not just because you don’t need additional downloading and installation, but because you can do it for free. No payments required! Adding to this, you may be sure, that all your information is highly protected with encrypted file transfer. Everything is deleted from the server after being processed.

In addition, you are provided with ability to edit documents you get after conversion:

  • Make major changes to a your document such as adjusting content and document formatting.
  • Add fillable fields.Type and insert text anywhere on a paper.
  • In a single click you may add the date and customized watermarks.
  • Number the pages.
  • Sign electronically.

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